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Due to water supply returning to Newell, Cooya Beach and Mossman, the water bottle and non-potable water trucks will only operate in Port Douglas today from 9am to 5pm.
Bottled Drinking water will be available from 9am until 5pm at the following locations:
🔸 Port Douglas Community Hall , Corner Mowbray and Mudlo Streets, Port Douglas.
Water is limited to 2L per person. We ask for your patience during this difficult time and please be respectful when collecting water.
Trucks with non-potable water (for hygiene use) are going to be parked at the Port Douglas Community Hall, Mowbray Street Mossman from 9am today.
The Mossman Water Treatment Plant has been running well overnight and we are still expecting Port Douglas, Cooya Beach, Mossman Gorge and Newell Beach to all see drinkable water in the taps today.
This morning our hard-working water staff will be examining the chlorine dosing systems to ensure water safe water consumption.
Once pressure builds, water will flow to all residents and businesses. We cannot estimate the time as it’s a natural gravity-fed network.
Please ensure Level 4 water restrictions are adhered to, as this will help in the return of full water pressure.
We appreciate the inconvenience and difficulty that our communities suffer during these difficult times and assure you that all is being completed as quickly as possible to progress the return of water to our houses and businesses.
We’ll be providing updates on the water supply throughout the day.


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