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A barge is expected to arrive in Cape Tribulation tomorrow, Sunday 31 December 2023 with a re-supply of goods including fuel and food for residents.
Last week, large white bags were delivered to residents via helicopter drop for the purpose of storing putrescible/food waste.
Please bring your filled waste bags to the barge early Sunday morning, 31 December 2023 for disposal.
Residents who did not receive bags, or require additional bags, can receive more at the barge and return with putrescible/food waste.
These bags must only contain putrescible/spoilable food such as food waste and packaging. Large hard items and hazardous waste cannot be taken.
The barge is expected to leave Cape Tribulation early on Sunday. Please speak with the barge operators for a precise departure time so that residents may have as much time as possible to load the barge with waste.
Douglas Shire Council knows this is a challenge for residents, and a medium-long-term waste management plan is still underway.
Degarra has also been re-supplied with diesel and unleaded fuel along with cleaning supplies and PPE resources. Another re-supply for Degarra is scheduled for tomorrow which will include perishable and non-perishable food.
China Camp has also been re-supplied with diesel and unleaded fuel and will also receive a re-supply of perishable and non-perishable food tomorrow, Sunday 31 December 2023.
We are liaising with the Degarra and China Camp communities to assess their immediate and ongoing needs including further re-supply requirements.


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