Connecting Water At Your Property

Everything you need to know about connecting to our water supply

New Water Service Connections

If customers wish to apply for a water connection within the serviced area, they are required to submit application forms together with appropriate fees to Council.

State government legislation provides time frames for processing these applications.

Forms are available below or by visiting  the Douglas Shire Council Administration Building at 64-66 Front Street, Mossman.

Plumbing and Drainage Fact Sheet

Plumbing and Drainage Application- – Lodgement Sheet

Form 1 – Application for plumbing, drainage & sewerage work

Application to install subsidiary water meters

A property can only be connected to a reticulated water within Douglas Shire, if it is identified in the declared service area.

Information & applications for new residential water service; rural water service; commercial water service; subdivisional connections; water service relocation; subsidiary water meter; alterations to sewer and water mains.

For all new Water Services connections, please visit the Department of Housing & Public Works website and download Form 1 – Application for Compliance Assessment

Declared Water Service Areas

Declared Sewer Service Areas

Your Property Connection Responsibilities

Douglas Shire Council is only responsible for maintenance and repairs to both water and wastewater networks from points of connection. As the property owner, you are responsible for maintaining all the water and wastewater pipes on your property. This includes the cost of any repairs to, as well as any damages caused to the pipes on your property.

Should a property receive a Notification of Temporary Repairs Card, the property owner is responsible for organising a licensed plumber to check the plumbing and carry out any further repairs as necessary, at their own cost. Douglas Shire Council takes no responsibility for prior or any further loss or damage on the property side of the service due to these repairs.

For further details about Council and Property Owner’s responsibilities, please view the Water and Wastewater Customer Service Standards. ( PDF, 1.44 MB )

If you are aware of a water or wastewater issue and would like to discuss this with a Council officer, please contact our staff on 4099 9444.

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