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Council crews have commenced the upgrade of Warner Street, a project likely to take three to four months, with completion well before Christmas this year.

Work will start on the north side of Warner Street where the pathway and upgraded drainage will be installed.

Once complete, work will commence on the southern side.

Throughout construction, it is anticipated there will be minimal impact to vehicles travelling along Warner Street, however there will be traffic control at all times workmen are on site.

Pedestrians will be directed to the non-construction side of the street during works.

Our Biosecurity team leader removed patches of Singapore daisy and other invasive weeds to ensure no seeds are spread when digging and moving soil.


Crews will also remove the existing kerb and guttering and where needed, will bring in material – gravel etc. to reinstate driveways to ensure residents have access and egress to their homes.

Once completed and surveyed to confirm levels, the installation of upgraded drainage – new pipes, additional pits, etc will be completed.

This will be done in sections along the length of Warner Street.

After the underground drainage is completed, work on the pathway will commence.

Once this phase starts, there may be a few days when cars will need to park on the opposite side of the road, or residents may need to leave their cars on the street to allow sufficient time for newly laid concrete to cure.

This is also the phase where new kerb and guttering will be is installed.

The 2 to 2.5 metre pathway will immediately abut property boundaries.

There will be a 1.5 metre verge where turf will be laid, and then the kerb and guttering.

The design has taken into account the structural root zone of the Rosewood trees to minimise any impacts from construction and no Rosewoods will be removed.

To accommodate the pathway, there will be a few trees removed from private properties where they have grown outside the property boundary and some garden beds outside property boundaries will be cleared.

Once work on the northern side is completely finished, work will commence on the southern side of Warner Street. This includes upgrading the underground drainage system and installation of a new crossover for one of the businesses.

We will be providing residents and businesses in Warner Street with regular updates as to where we are at with the project at any one time, and upcoming milestones.

We will also keep our website updated with information and photographs.

If construction is likely to impact entry or exit from properties, residents will be personally contacted and given sufficient notice so as to minimise inconvenience.

No road or lane closures are anticipated with the exception of 1-2 days later in the project, when a new underground pipe will be installed across the road.

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