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A TIMELINE detailing historical events and forces that have shaped the Douglas Shire coastline since 1770 has been released by the Resilient Coast project team.
The “Douglas Shire Coastal Story” has identified key forces, such as severe weather events, major projects and political upheaval, to help strengthen the team’s Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS).
It comes as the project team enters Phase 5 and begins assessing the risk to key assets on the Douglas Shire coastline.
Douglas Shire Council Mayor Julia Leu said the strategy was aimed at helping the region adapt to predicted impacts of climate change.
“This revealing story line details our region’s decorated history and how we have reached the point we are at today,” she said.
“But more importantly it provides a snapshot into the future about how we can strengthen our coastline’s resilience.
“Feedback has indicated that striking a balance between protecting our unique natural environment and improving access to our foreshores will guide this future.”

In May, a series of community Resilient Coast Workshops were held in Cape Tribulation, Mossman and Port Douglas.
The information collected was used to create the “Douglas Shire Coastal Story”.

Participants were asked ‘What has shaped the Douglas Shire coastline?’ and the information collected has enabled the Resilient Coast project team to create “Douglas Shire Coastal Story”.

A large data base of infrastructure (e.g. roads, buildings, sewerage, drainage) and natural assets (e.g. ecosystems, land use types) has also been collated.
Consequence categories have been developed based on feedback from stakeholders on the region’s values and important elements of a resilient coast.

Categories include consideration of erosion and storm tide impacts on:
– Property and infrastructure
– The local economy and growth
– Public safety
– Environmental values
– Traditional Owner values
– Community and lifestyle values.

“We received more than 100 responses to our Resilient Coast surveys from people keen to share their perspectives, knowledge and past experiences,” Mayor Leu said.
“Every single respondent believed our natural beauty was main drawcard for people to visit live in Douglas Shire.”

Unique landscape features, natural ecosystems, and access to the beaches were the highest ranked values.

The Resilient Coast program is largely funded by the Queensland Government and Local Government Association of Queensland under the QCoast2100 Program.

For more information on the Resilient Coast program visit the project website.


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