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Douglas Shire Council is developing a Foreshore Management Plan for Four Mile Beach. It is one of five foreshore plans being developed; the others being Wonga Beach, Newell Beach, Cooya Beach and Oak Beach.

What is a Foreshore Management Plan?

As the title suggests, it is a guide to the management of foreshore areas. The Four Mile Beach plan will identify how the foreshore area can be managed to maintain the natural character of the area, as well as protecting the cultural, environmental, recreational and social values. It will inform dune protection, including weed species for removal, native vegetation species for regeneration, and pedestrian and vehicle access management. The Foreshore Management Plan will contain, among other things:

  • Description of the vegetation types
  • Description of fauna found along the foreshore
  • Weed species list
  • Audit of beach access points – formal and informal
  • Dune protection activities such as revegetation and recommended plant species
  • Maps which clearly define access points to the beach and priority area for revegetation.

The foreshore area includes the area from the highest astronomical tide inland to the edge of either a road reserve or residential property boundary (whichever is closest).

Cost of Project

Council has secured funding from the Queensland Government’s Reef Assist Program designed to create nature-based employment opportunities which delivering positive environmental outcomes.

Project Updates

April 2022

Five foreshore management plans will help protect the environmental values and improve the liveability of coastlines in Douglas Shire.

Douglas Shire Council has now adopted foreshore management plans for Wonga Beach, Newell Beach, Cooya Beach, Four Mile Beach and Oak Beach.

The Foreshore Management Plan for Four Mile Beach can been viewed below

Four Mile Beach Foreshore Management Plan

May 2021

The Draft Foreshore Management Plan for Four Mile Beach has now been released for public comment and a copy may be accessed at the below link.

Draft Four Mile Beach Foreshore Management Plan

There will be several opportunities for community members to talk to the Plan authors and details are listed below. A consultation session is planned for Tuesday 15 June 5pm to 6:30pm at the Port Douglas Community Hall, although people may attend any session and discuss any location. Comments are requested by Friday 25 June 2021 and may be emailed to Gaye Scott.

Wonga Beach Monday 14 June 5:30pm to 7pm Wonga Beach State School – Resource Centre
Newell Beach Tuesday 15 June 9:00am to 11:00am Mossman Golf Club Meeting Room
Cooya Beach Tuesday 15 June 12:30pm to 3:00pm Foreshore Area – Playground area opposite 13 Bougainvillea
Four Mile Beach Tuesday 15 June 5:00pm to 6:30pm Port Douglas Community Hall
Oak Beach Wednesday 16 June 11am – 2pm Foreshore Area – southern end

April 2021

A survey was released seeking information about how people used the foreshore, what they valued about it and their memories and knowledge. Over 300 people responded and the findings will be used to draft the foreshore management plan. The Draft Foreshore Management Plan will be released at a later date for comment and if you would like to receive an email when this occurs, please register your interest with Gaye Scott

March 2021

Douglas Shire Council has appointed Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty Ltd in collaboration with Wild Environmental to develop foreshore management plans for Newell Beach, Cooya Beach, Four Mile Beach, Oak Beach, and to revise the Interim Wonga Beach Foreshore Management Plan to produce a more detailed plan.

Community Consultation

There will be several opportunities for people to get involved in developing the Foreshore Management Plans.  The first opportunity was a survey which closed 23 April 2021 and was completed by over 300 people and 11 community groups/organisations.

Later in the process, the draft Foreshore Management Plan will be released for public comment. There will be community drop in sessions in all five locations, and several virtual information sessions to provide an opportunity for people to talk to the consultants face to face and all details will be published on this page.

If you would like to register to receive an email when future opportunities arise, please contact the project’s Community Liaison officer.


For more information or if you wish to register to receive emails directly when future engagement opportunities arise, please contact Gaye Scott on 0418 793 009 or

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