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Recreational boating continues to grow in Queensland with an additional 10,464 vessels registered over the 2 years from March 2020 (263,131 vessels) to March 2022 (273,595). Maritime Safety Queensland a branch of the Department of Transport and Main Roads is seeking your feedback on the demand for recreational boating facilities, feedback on current facilities and suggestions about new facilities in Queensland.

The survey will help Maritime Safety Queensland and other agencies prioritise future projects, inform the way boating infrastructure is built, and provide valuable input to the Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study 2022.

In assessing future project priorities, Maritime Safety Queensland and other agencies consider the following:

  • facility location
  • environmental constraints and opportunities
  • the nature of recreational boating in the area
  • statewide and regional equity
  • access to remote areas
  • costs and construction feasibility.

Stakeholder and community input is a vital part of this engagement so your feedback on boating infrastructure across the state is important. If you don’t want to complete the survey but have information that you think Maritime Safety Queensland need to know about, you can email them direct at

Take the survey HERE


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