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STAY INFORMED – Cape Melville to Townsville – Tropical cyclone as at 11:00 AM Sunday, 10 December 2023

Warning Level: Advice

Warning Area: Places between Cape Melville and Townsville, inland to Mareeba.

This warning is from: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Tropical Cyclone Jasper is moving slowly toward the Queensland coast.


If the cyclone gets close to the coast:

  • Very strong winds could knock down trees, powerlines, blow roofs off some houses, and blow away anything not tied down outside.
  • Power, phones, internet and water might stop working.
  • Heavy rain and storm surge may cause flooding in some places.
  • Roads could be blocked by fallen trees, powerlines or flood water. Some communities might be isolated.
  • Shops will close when the cyclone gets closer.

What you should do:

Check or make an emergency kit:

  • battery-powered radio to listen to warnings o torch and spare batteries o tinned and packet food and bottled water to last five days
  • enough clothes for five days
  • important medicine
  • important papers (like ID, insurance papers and passports)
  • first-aid kit o mobile phone, charger and charged power bank
  • toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitiser
  • if you have very young children, enough nappies for up to five days, wipes, bottles, formula or baby food. Plan to not have a fridge or microwave
  • if you have a pet, enough pet food for five days, a lead and/or crate.
  • Make sure friends, family and neighbours know about the cyclone and help them if you can.

If you find it hard to move quickly or have special or medical needs

  • Make sure you have enough medicine for at least one week.
  • If anyone in your house uses powered medical equipment, like a dialysis machine or ventilator, decide now where you will go in case you lose power.
  • Call your support person or service to organise transport in case you need to leave.
  • Leaving early is safer than waiting.

If you are a tourist, visitor, camper or caravanner

  • Campers and caravanners should start packing up now.
  • If you do not need to be in the area, leave now.
  • Check road conditions and plan your route before you leave.
  • Travel out of the current warning area. Stay informed.
  • If you choose to stay, ask accommodation staff where to shelter if the cyclone comes.

If you have a boat or jet ski

  • Take your boat, jet ski, canoe or kayak out of the water and store securely on land if possible.
  • If your boat is kept on the water, relocate it to a safer mooring if possible.
  • If your boat is in a marina, batten down and check-in with the marina manager.
  • Check your area’s Extreme Weather Contingency Plan on the Maritime Safety Queensland website.

If you have livestock

  • Move livestock to higher ground.
  • You may need to open gates to other paddocks so animals can move to safety if there is flooding.
  • Block access to low-lying areas near creeks and rivers.
  • Provide lots of food and clean water in a safe place away from creeks and rivers.
  • Prepare for isolation.
  • Make sure animals can be identified if they get lost.

Further Information:

  • For all warnings, check regularly.
  • Listen to your local radio station.
  • For weather information, visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.
  • For power outage information, visit the Ergon website.
  • For traffic and road closure information, visit the QLD Traffic website or call 13 19 40.

The next update will be sent when the situation changes.


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