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Taylors crossing originally comprised of low flow culverts with concrete and rock causeway. In most floods / heavy rain events, this causeway is submerged and overtopped by creek flow. The original causeway was damaged and sections washed away during Cyclone Jasper flood event in December 2023.

Currently there are 2 options under consideration, a more enhanced low flow culvert structure with concrete causeway and secondly a bridge. In addition to fish passage and flood resilient requirements, value for money criteria will be used.

Option 1: Low flow culvert with concrete causeway

Option 2: Bridge structure

Council is currently preparing an application for funding reconstruction for Taylors Crossing with DFRA.  Pending the approval of the funding, the tender and construction process would start promptly.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Council on 07 4099 9444 or email

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