The intent of the Vehicle On Beaches General Policy is to outline the circumstances in which Council may approve motor vehicles driving onto beaches in the Shire.

Whilst the Policy applies throughout the Shire, it also states that residents of Wonga Beach can apply for approval to operate vehicles on the beach for limited recreational use.

Community Engagement

A Draft Policy was prepared and made available for community consultation and feedback.

Community consultation was promoted to residents in the following ways:

  • Letters were delivered to all 500 households in Wonga Beach
  • Poster and handouts distributed at the Wonga Beach Servo
  • Articles in the local media
  • Promotion on Council’s Facebook and website

A total of 85 submissions were received from 187 people, 162 of these reside in Wonga Beach, representing 16.6% of the community.

Community Consultation Report

Resident feedback was collated and a draft Community Consultation Report has been prepared for Council.

The report suggests that there is strong community support for introducing limited recreational use permits for residents of Wonga Beach

The report contains detailed statistics quantifying the level of support and/or objection from the community along with common themes and a summary of all concerns and issues raised.

All comments from residents have been included in the report.

Policy Finalisation & Adoption

The Community Consultation Report has been finalised by Council’s Local Laws Team and provided to Councillors for consideration.

The policy will be discussed with Councillors in July, 2020 so that Councillor’s can discuss the findings of the consultation, consider responses proposed and provide direction to the Local Laws Team who will work to finalise the policy.

The Policy, accompanied by a Council Report, will then be included as an agenda item for consideration at an Ordinary Council meeting in August, 2020.

When the Policy is presented to Council, one of the following three decision are likely to be determined:

  1. Council adopts the Vehicles on Beaches General Policy as per the Draft released for consultation.
  2. Council adopts an amended Vehicle on Beaches General Policy, which includes Limited Recreational Use on Wonga Beach with changed Conditions to reflect the feedback received.
  3. Council adopts an amended Vehicle on Beaches General Policy, which excludes Limited Recreational Use on Wonga Beach and the Conditions attached.
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For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Gaye Scott on 0418 793 009 or gaye.scott@douglas.qld.gov.au