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Miconia is a small rainforest tree (<15m high) that is native to tropical parts of America.

Miconia is a serious weed outside of its natural range and has the potential to cause substantial damage to biodiversity in the rainforests of northern Australia.

Miconia can quickly colonise gaps within tropical rainforests to form dense thickets that displaces native plants and animals.



Miconia has very large leaves, up to 70 cm long, with a distinctive vein pattern and striking purple undersides.

It was introduced to Australia in the 1960s by botanic gardens and was sold by nurseries and at markets between the late 1970s and mid-1990s.

Miconia was probably brought to the Douglas Shire by gardeners or plant collectors and fruit eating birds are most likely what dispersed the seed into nearby rainforests, gardens and gullies.

Miconia is targeted for eradication from Australia in the National Tropical Weed Eradication Program.

Biosecurity Queensland manage the eradication program in collaboration with Douglas Shire Council and QPWS.

If you think you’ve found Miconia please call Biosecurity Queensland 132523. For more information on Miconia visit and search for Miconia.

There is a display at the Mossman Library where you can learn more about Miconia in the Douglas Shire.

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