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WOMEN’S Health to take priority in Douglas with a Free information session for women of peri and post-menopausal age.

Aptly named Women’s Health Matters, the special Women’s Health Information Session will be held at the Mossman Shire Hall on August 5.

The event is the brainchild of local women Debbie Rasmussen, Catherine Rosenbrauer, and Sue Garton, who got to work to organise the information session after identifying a gap in awareness of health issues and services available to women who are of peri and post-menopausal age.

The event will include a line-up of renown female health care professionals, and is designed to offer practical, down to earth information to promote a proactive and preventative approach to women’s urogynecology health.

Presenters include Cairns-based gynaecologists Dr Elizabeth Jackson and Dr Anusha Lazzari, and Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Mobile Women’s Health Unit, Cher Heritage, along with other specialist presenters in urogynecology areas.

Event co-founder Debbie Rasmussen says she was inspired to organise the event after identifying gaps in knowledge around women’s health services for older women. “The seed was planted after talking to a lot of women of my age and realising a worrying trend around the lack of knowledge many older women have about their health at that stage of their lives. It’s really rewarding to see this event come about from conversations with other women – the more we talk, the more we collectively identify the lack of awareness about our health and about what services are available to us, and what services we should be tapping into.”

Fellow event organiser Catherine Rosenbrauer added, “We know there are pressures on our local health system and that can sometimes deter people from seeking medical advice, or dismissing a niggling issue.  On top of this many women don’t feel comfortable to discuss health issues with friends and family, and with some taboo around women’s health issues there can come a lack of awareness and willingness to take action.”

“We wanted to put this event together to inform older women about the importance of being proactive with their health – what they should be aware of, and what services are available to access. We also wanted to provide an important networking opportunity for women of this age group to discuss women’s health issues in a secure and safe environment.”

Mayor Michael Kerr is thrilled to support the event via the Council Grant Program, “Women’s Health Matters is such a wonderful example of community initiative and collaboration.  This committed group have recognised how important it is to address women’s health, and to discuss issues it in an environment where people feel at ease. I really take my hat off to the team for the work they are doing.”

Women’s Health Matters is a grassroots initiative, supported by Douglas Shire Council, the Office of Cynthia Lui State Member for Cook, Mossman Support Services, and Port Douglas Community Service Network.

The information session addresses health matters for women of peri/post-menopausal age, however women of all ages are welcome, with younger women encourage to empower themselves with important knowledge.

Places are limited and registration is essential.

Register now by phone 4099 5518 or email

Event Details:

Thursday August 5, 2021
Mossman Shire Hall
A light lunch and refreshments will be served

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