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The aerators and diffusers at the Port Douglas Waste Water Treatment Plant (PDWWTP) will be replaced to reduce maintenance requirements and improve process efficiency. Current equipment is more than 20 years old.

The aerators bubble huge quantities of oxygen through the wastewater process which encourages microbes to break down the sewage.

The new diffusers will efficiently and evenly provide aeration in the aerobic digesters, which reduces the amount of solid concentration in the sludge.

These upgrades will improve reliability and efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant, while reducing ongoing operational and maintenance costs into the future.

Cost of Project

  • $290,000

The project is funded by the Queensland Government’s  COVID-19 Works for Queensland program.

  • $450,000

Estimated supply, installation and commissioning costs for the replacement aerators and diffusers.

Additional Information

  • Local contractors will be used to install the aerators, fabricate new pipe work and electrical modifications to complete the project
  • Installation and commissioning timing is carefully planned to minimise impact on operations during busy periods. The replacement of new for old equipment will need to be staggered so the plant can always stay operational.
  • The equipment is specifically manufactured and then imported from Germany and Spain


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Council on 4099 9444 or

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