Daintree Coast Road Update

Cape Tribulation Road & Cape Tribulation Bloomfield Road

Tropical Cyclone Jasper made landfall as a Category 2 cyclone at 8pm, 13 December 2023. It delivered 3.2 metres of rain in less than a week, and 4.2 metres in the space of two months.

The event caused significant damage to Cape Tribulation Road, cape Tribulation Bloomfield Road and numerous other sites across the shire.

Repair crews have been working at multiple sites since 21 December 2023, and it is our aim to keep the community abreast of progress being made at each of the different locations along Cape Tribulation Road and Cape Tribulation Bloomfield Road.

A weekly newsletter is distributed every Friday, summing up progress in the previous weeks, and what activities are planned for the following week.

Quick Road Status

Cape Tribulation Rd – Alexandra Range All traffic from 5:00am to midnight daily


Articulated vehicles must be less than 15.1 metres in length and no more than 25 tonnes.

Rigid – maximum length 12.5 metres

Cape Tribulation Rd –Through to Madja Boardwalk All travellers


5am to Midnight
Cape Tribulation Rd –Noah Creek All travellers The bridge has a 16 tonnes load limit.

The causeway is open subject to tides

Cape Tribulation Rd –Noah Range All travellers. Open 5am to midnight.
Rykers Road All travellers. Open
Cape Tribulation Bloomfield Road Closed past Rykers Road Will open to 4WDs 22 June 2024
CREB Track Closed Contractor engaged to restore crossing at the end of Upper Daintree Road

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

In tracking progress, it is useful to understand who funds the work and the different phases of work.

Disaster recovery repairs for essential assets, are funded under the joint Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).

Emergency Works

This refers to the immediate work done to make assets functional. It involves repairs to roads to prevent further damage e.g. shore up banks to prevent further erosion, and/or clear debris from roads so traffic can pass safely.

This work can be done immediately by Council with the knowledge that all or most of the costs will be covered by QRA.

Permanent Repairs

Once immediate repairs are completed, the focus turns to permanent repairs. This requires geotechnical assessments and surveys to prepare options to restore roads to their original condition. Options are assessed, a preferred option is selected and then it is submitted to QRA for approval. Once approved, tender can be released to market and contracts awarded.


QRA provides an option to restore or replace damaged public assets to a more disaster-resilient standard than its pre-disaster state. With all repairs, consideration is given to applying for additional funds to repair roads so when the next cyclone comes along, there is less damage

Community Reference Group

A community reference group has been created to facilitate two-way communications between the community and Council while Cape Tribulation Road and Cape Tribulation Bloomfield Road are repaired. The intention is to meet weekly until roads are fully restored. The Terms of Reference, Meeting Notes and Expressions of Interest forms can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

View Terms of ReferenceView the Expression of InterestView Latest Meeting Notes

Future Newsletter Editions

If you would like to subscribe to the daily updates and the weekly newsletter, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Gaye Scott via email; gaye.scott@douglas.qld.gov.au or 0418 793 009.